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Farfalle with Sundried Tomatoes January 3, 2011

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This recipe is from Mama’s Italian Cookbook. It’s basically pasta and pesto with sundried tomatoes but it’s very tasty. It’s very quick to make which is always a bonus. I made one addition to the recipe and that’s lemon to the basil sauce.

Serves 4


30g/1 oz of sun-dried tomatoes (I used some in oil)

55g/ 2 oz pine kernels

1 handful of fresh basil

2 garlic cloves, chopped

1/2 tsp salt

100 ml/3 1/2 fl oz olive oil

1 tsbp grated Parmesan cheese

400g/ 14 oz dried farfalle pasta

1/2 lemon

Salt and pepper


1. If you used sundried tomatoes not in oil, pour water over them and soak for 25 minutes. Then pour off the water, squeeze out the liquid and chop.

2. Roast the pine kernels in a dry frying pan until golden brown. Grind half the pine kernels with the basil leaves, garlic and salt in a large mortar. Gradually work in the olive oil, lemon. Add the cheese last. To save time and effort you could also do this in a blender.

3. Stir the chopped tomatoes into the basil sauce.

4. Bring a large saucepan of lightly salted water to the boil. Add the pasta and cook according to the instructions on the packet until tender, but still firm to bite.

5. Drain the pasta and combine it, still dripping wet, with the basil and tomato sauce in a warmed bowl.

6. Serve on warmed plates, seasoned with pepper and sprinkled with the remaining pine kernels.


Traditional Soda Bread With Sundried Tomato & Parmesan September 14, 2010

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Hello, I got this recipe from a leaflet (Celebrate Irish Food) in my work canteen. The original recipe used cheddar but I didn’t have any in stock so I used parmesan instead and it appears to have been very successful. This makes two loafs and it tends to go off quite quickly, so it’s best to freeze one if you won’t get a chance to eat it within a couple of days. I had a few slices of this with Low Low triangles and some of the sunblushed tomatoes I had left over. Yum yum!


750ml Buttermilk

1kg Plain Flour

40g Grated Cheddar or Parmesan Cheese

20g Bicarbonate of Soda

50g Italian Roasted (Sunkissed) Tomatoes

3g Cooking Salt


1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees celsius (Gas mark 4)

1. Sieve all the dry ingredients into a clean large mixing bowl and stir in the sunkissed tomatoes and cheese.

2. Add the buttermilk and mix well. Form into one ball of dough. The mixture should be quite dry. Add a little more buttermilk if the dough doesn’t come together.

3. Knead well. Divide the dough into two and roll into sausage shapes.

4. Place onto a clean parchment paper covered tray and place into the oven. Cook for 35-40 minutes. (If you have a gas oven it may take a bit longer)

This goes well as an accompaniment for the Italian Style Tomato Soup.