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Top Tips! July 15, 2010

Salvatore Vuono


On this page I will share and would like you to share any titbits about cooking techniques and tasty food products on the market.


10 Responses to “Top Tips!”

  1. delishuss Says:

    I was watching Masterchef Australia last night and they said that you should start boiling anything that grows under the ground (i.e. root vegetables) in cold water and anything that grows over the ground in boiling water. I assume that this has to do with the amount of starch in the actual vegetable but not sure why. Any ideas out there?

    • delishuss Says:

      I love home made brown bread, but I hate the hassle of making it from scratch. Odlums Quick Bread Mix range is brilliant, just add water and stick in the oven. I generally add half a packet of pumpkin and sunflower seeds to the mix as well. It adds a nice bit of texture.

  2. delishuss Says:

    I would really recommend the Weight Watchers Fabulous and Filling Cookbook. Don’t worry, I don’t have a stake in Weight Watchers but any of the recipes I have tried have all been really good and hey they’re all healthy. Well maybe not the desserts

  3. delishuss Says:

    I love curries with coconut milk but unfortunately it’s high in fat, good fats but still fats. So I use the light coconut milk, it works perfectly fine.

  4. delishuss Says:

    I used to avoid using butternut squash in recipes because of the hassle of preparing it. I think it was my mum who passed on the tip of putting the buttersquash in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, this softens it, making it easier to peel.

  5. delishuss Says:

    These are not so much top tips but recommendations; while visiting Mareke in Norway she made this excellent curry accompanied with rice. I hope she doesn’t mind me giving away her trade secrets 🙂 The curry sauce is called ‘Golden Curry’, it’s kind of like chip shop curry but nicer. You will get it in the Asian supermarket. She cooked the rice in a rice cooker, it was fantastic. So I decided I was going to pick a rice cooker up on my travels. I finally got one in Lidl would you believe it for €20. I tried it out and it’s great. Definately worth investigating in if you like rice dishes and it’s fool proof.

  6. delishuss Says:

    You can freeze ginger and then grate it into your recipes. I also freeze chillies. I find them easier to chop then when they are frozen.

  7. delishuss Says:

    I tried this country relish from Lidl and thought it was great. The name is Deluxe, Irish Tomato Country Relish. Great with cheese. I made a pasta sauce and added a couple of spoons of this to it. I chopped up some onion, peppers and some bacon and fried it off. Then added half a tin of chopped tomatoes and then added a little of the relish. Once simmered down a little, stir in your cooked pasta. Sprinkle with some cheese and serve. Simple but lovely. The relish kind of takes the tanginess out of the tomatoes with the sugar in it.

  8. delishuss Says:

    I don’t often have fresh mint in stock, so I keep a jar of mint sauce in the fridge and add a little to my recipes when needed. It lasts longer, is cheaper and has added flavour.

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