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Roast Beetroot with Fennel and Orange June 8, 2011

Let’s face it salads can be really boring. This one is really different and full of flavour. It’s a Weight Watchers recipe, one which I got at the Kitchen in the Castle cookery school. To be honest, I wouldn’t have probably tried it unless I had tasted it. It’s a good one.

Serves 2

1 1/2 propoints value per serving



140g beetroot, unpeeled and sliced into thin wedges

1 yellow pepper, deseeded and sliced

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

1 orange

1 fennel bulb, thinly sliced

2 tsp balsamic vinegar

30g light feta cheese



1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius, gas mark 6

2. Place the beetroot and pepper in a roasting tin, drizzle over the olive oil and roast for 20 minutes until softened and begins to char.

3. Meanwhile, using a sharp knife, cut away the orange peel then cut between the pith lines to segment the orange. Do this over a bowl to collect any juices. Arrange the orange segments and fennel slices on two serving plates. Top with the hot beetroot and peppers.

4. Stir the orange juice and balsamic vinegar into the roasting tin, scraping up any sticky bits, then spoon over the salad. Crumble the cheese over the top and serve.


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